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Module 4 & 5 process and product certificate

Module 4 Functional Safety Process Certification
Through the training program, gap analysis, and counseling processes by VESP, the customers’ existing process will be finally adjusted to meet the requirements of ISO26262 functional safety and further get into module 4 trusted process certificate and module 5 trusted product certificate.
Functional Safety Process Certification
As regarding to vehicle functional safety implementation and functional safety trusted process certification, is including,
- Functional Safety Management (FSM)
- Qualification of functional safety engineer/manager competence; 
- Proven safety culture;
- Effectiveness and integrity of functional safety processes.
Trusted process certificate can enhance the functional safety confidence and reputation of supplier.  
It will take about one year to counsel and get ISO 26262 functional safety certificate.
The certificate is valid for 3 years along with yearly auditing.
Module 5 Functional Safety Product Certification
After the functional safety process certification, enter the Product Certificate functional safety product certification to evaluate the compliance of product safety goals.
Functional Safety Product Certification
The product certification for Functional safety is to tailor the safety lifecycle and safety activities to the meet the safety goals, including the following,
Product development at system level
- Hazard analysis and risk assessment to determine the ASIL and safety goal,
- Review of and safety requirements and specifications,
- Functional safety Concept and technical safety Concept
- Verification and validation
Product development at software level and confidence in the use of software tools
- Confidence in the use of software tools,
- Software Architecture Analysis,
- Software safety Analysis,
- Qualification of software component,
Product development at hardware level
- Qualitative analysis
- Quantitative analysis
- Base failure rate analysis
- Hardware architecture metrics (SPFM / LFM) and safety violation due to random hardware failure evaluation (PMHF / EEC)


Trusted product certificate will take almost the same as product development since functional safety is necessary to be designed in the product design stage. The Certificate is valid for 3 years along with yearly auditing and able to be extended for next 3 years after deadline.

Can we implement the ISO 26262 certificate only for process?
Yes, for example, tailoring ISO 26262-2, ISO 26262-7, ISO 26262-8, .......
Can we convert to product certification in case Our organization has got the process certification by the other 3rd party?
Yes, ISO 26262 Process certification is only to demonstrate the company's determination and ability for functional safety.
Can we just ask confirmation measure counseling?
How long will it take to counsel ISO 26262 certification?
The schedule of process or products certification is depended on the time-flame and scope of products development.
It is said that it would cost a lot of money to counsel ISO 26262 certification?
The cost of process or products certification is depended on the time-flame and scope of products development.

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