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Management Team

VESP’s core management team is composed of individuals with outstanding records and decades of experience in the worldwide high-tech industries.


Jandel Lin

CEO, VESP Technology Corporation

Joined Spirox in 2018, Mr. Jandel Lin is specialized in quality management, factory management, lab operation management, testing & verification of product safety regulations compliance. Mr. Lin graduated from National Cheng Kung University, holding a master degree of Material Science Engineering.

Jacky Zheng 

Vice General Manager, Engineering Division

Mr. Jacky Zheng graduated from the Tsinghua University holding a master degree in Electronic engineering. Mr.Zheng joined the design and integration services division of SPIROX in 2004. He specializes in dynamic failure analysis, failure analysis, and ESD ting. He has more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor verification and laboratory construction and management. Currently, he is the operations director of VESP Technology. He is responsible for the cross-strait business management of VESP.

Max Chen

Vice General Manager, Sales & Marketing Division

Mr. Max Chen graduated from Beijing Guanghua School of Management. He has previously worked in technology companies such as WistronTechnology, iST Technology, Foxconn International, etc. Has well industry and Global Business development and management experience. Mr.Chen is Vice General Manager, responsible for VESP Greater China and overseas market development.


Ted Wu

Assistant Manager, Functional Safety Certification Division

Mr. Ted Wu graduated from ChengKung University with a master degree of Material Science Engineering. He used to work at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, UMC, and Jiuyao Electronics. With almost 30 years of experience in semiconductors industry. In 2017, he obtained the TUV NORD functional safety certification counseling authorization. Mr.Wu had honored as the TUV NORD automotive functional safety chief counselor, and currently serves as the director of functional certification of VESP Technology.

HK Hsieh

Assistant Manager, Engineering Division

Mr. HK Hsieh graduated from Sun Yat-sen University with a master degree Environmental Engineering , specializing in reaction kinetics. He has served as the Division Chief of Ma-Tek, the deputy director of Alpha Tech, and the senior manager of IST Technology. Over 20 years of experience in the field of quality engineering and reliability verification. Good at product reliability test planning, failure analysis, etc. familiar with the applications of the electronics industry, once served as a notary of the court, and has over 30 external training sessions. Mr. HK is the assistant manager of VESP Technology and lead the General Engineering Division.

Daniel Su

Assistant Manager, Resource Integration Division

Mr. Daniel Su graduated from the Industrial Engineering Institute of NCTU and Taiwan University with a double master's degree in business management. He has worked in Hi-tech companies such as Mitigroup, Wistron, and IST Technology, specializing in system optimization, performance improvement and resource integration Etc., has rich professional experience in cross-unit resource integration. Currently working as an associate of VESP Technology, responsible for projects such as process optimization, laboratory organic management, and digital transformation of business operations.


Bonnie Chang

Manager, Quality Assurance Division

Ms. Bonnie hang graduated from the University of Leicester's Enterprise Management Institute. She has been the Quality Assurance manager of Wistron and the Truelight Technology. She has 20 years of experience in quality management and is currently the manager of Quality Assurance Division in VESP Technology.


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