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Product reliability, also known as reliability is defined as "the ability of a product to perform a specific performance or function within a given period of time and in a specific work environment, and to complete a task successfully. In other words, reliability refers to estimate the applicable time after the product is sold, and the purpose of reliability test is to shorten the time of simulation verification by giving the product appropriate accelerated stress conditions in order to achieve effectiveness and correctness through appropriate life expectancy model.
As for the life mode of the product from production to shipment process, it is often described with a Bathtub Curve shown as below. The Infant Mortality interval in the bathtub curve, although it belongs to the early age period, it is an illustration of the actual product manufacturing quality, which also affects the stability after shipment and is the most critical period of time.
Accelerated stress factor for reliability testing
Reliability acceleration stress factors are differentiated from product's usage mode or environment depending on electrical load, temperature, humidity, pressure, contamination and mechanical stress. The selection of the acceleration factor must consider as the priority to apply in the area and environment and confirm the critical level (Criteria, Limitation) of the product in order to plan appropriate test conditions and avoid excessive deterioration distortion. The following table is commonly used stress factors and the relevant usage references for product designs, and it can also be converted into early-quality screening technology to ensure the quality assurance level of shipped products.
Factors Description
Electric load The operation conditions, such as voltage, current, electric power and the combination of these conditions.
Temperature Base on Arrhenius's general formula, the relationship between relative lifetime and temperature.
Humidity Resin molded devices are water permeable and cause the malfunction with temperature.
Mechanical Stress Usually caused by transportation、machine installation and mechanical damages.
Static Electricity Electrostatic discharge, includes HBM, MM, CDM test etc.
Repeat Stress A stress is repeatedly applied may be stronger than steady stress.
Others Sunlight, dust, corrosion, chemical... ...etc
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