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Reliability Testing

VESP provides complete semiconductor reliability testing projects, one-stop services such as integration consulting, experimental design planning, hardware design and manufacturing, reliability testing, life estimation, etc., to assist customers certified by JEDEC, MIL-STD, AEC and other reliability international Standard.

ESD/Latch-up Testing

VESP provides the industry's most advanced ESD / LU test equipment to assist customers in conducting electrostatic protection testing of various types of packages.

Failure Analysis

VESP provides experimental equipment and engineering technical support services for EFA and PFA, diagnose the problem and find out what cause of failure.

FIB Circuit Edit

IC circuit edit is a fast and effective tool for verifying the effectiveness of revision masks. New chip design can be applied to defect, debug, and verify revisions. Component characteristic experiments and failure analysis are the services provided by circuit edit.

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