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IC circuit repair is a fast and effective tool for verifying the effectiveness of the revised reticle. It can be applied to detect, debug new chip designs and verify the effect of revision; component characteristic experiment and failure analysis are all used by IC circuit repair.
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Focus ion beam, FIB

Focus ion beam (FIB) is to ionize the liquid metal gallium (Ga) element ( Ga +) and accelerate with an electric field (30kV), after focusing through an electrostatic lens to hit in a specified area, and the ion beam hits the surface to generate secondary electron and ion that can be imaged by a detector (Detector), and enlarge the image of the signal to synthesize by electronic device on the screen of computer. The gas is added to match with different diameter of needle tubes and produce different etching or deposition rate.

Technical Advantages
  1.  Through circuit modification and verification, it is not necessary to modify the photomask many times, but to partially etch and deposit the IC through FIB circuit repair. After the function is finalized, it is only necessary to revise the reticle for mass production, which can greatly reduce experiment time, funding for product development or revision.

  2. To verify the internal signal of the IC, you only need to use the FIB to make PAD (signal acquisition point) and observe with the pin device or e-beam.

Application Scenario
  1. Iodine (Al metal etching) 
  2. C2 (Cu metal etching)
  3. XeF2 (SiO2 etching) 
  4. SiQ2 (oxide deposition)
  5. Tungsten (W conductor deposition) 
Case Study
IC Circuit repair
IC Circuit repair
Probing Pad FIB
FEI 201
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Apllo 986
  • Al circuit edit
  • Cu circuit edit
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