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ISO 26262 Road Vehicle - functional safety certification and consultant services

一、Overview of the automotive electrical and electronic system development

In the current Intelligent automobile development, it is important to overcome that smart car must be more accurate than traditional cars in functional safety designs. The key tasks are to rely on automotive electrical and/or electronic functional safety designs. Therefore, how to stand in the leading edge of the game in the competitive automotive electrical and/or electronic market and implement the functional safety to automotive electrical and/or electronic application will be a necessary task for all suppliers. ISO26262 is the recognized standard for automotive electrical and/or electronic functional safety certification!

二、What is ISO 26262 ?

You must understand what functional safety is before performing ISO2626 functional safety certification:

What is functional safety ?
There will be absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by malfunctioning behavior of electrical and/or electronic systems. In short, functional safety is the electrical and/or electronic systems of a smart car will not cause the hazard event to life due to the random failure ! In the past decades, there is no individual standard to define functional safety well for automobile . Because of the booming technology application of the automotive industry, the ISO 26262 series of standards is the adaptation of IEC 61508 series of standards to address the sector specific needs of electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems within road vehicles.。
What is ISO 26262?
ISO 26262-2011 international standard is intended to be applied to safety-related systems that include one or more electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems and that are installed in series production passenger cars with a maximum gross vehicle mass up to 3 500 kg, and first version was officially released on November 15, 2011.。The second edition was revised in 2018 to further expand the scopes of application to all series production road vehicles, including trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers, but excluding mopeds. As the internet of thing (IoT) into the advanced smart vehicle, the application of electrical and/or electronic systems becomes a major trend in recent years, so that, the electrical and/or electronic systems of automotive require higher standards for safety. ISO 26262 will aim the suppliers of automotive electrical and/or electronic parts to improve functional safety certification capacity.
To get ISO 26262 functional safety certification and obtain three major benefits:
  1. Ensure product development processes meets functional safety standards
  2. Product differentiation against competitors
  3. Better get the approval of Tier 1

三、VESP Technology ISO2626 Functional Safety Certification Process

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