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Dynamic EFA

Due to the increase in the complexity of IC design and the evolution of IC processes, traditional electrical analysis methods are unable to provide effective solutions, especially for functional failures, critical area failures, and other failure phenomena that need to be driven by dynamic signals.
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Dynamic Laser Scanning Analysis(DLAS)
Dynamic EFA process

Dynamic EMMI

Dynamic EMMI analysis (Dynamic EMMI) is applied to provide a signal to drive the IC into the leakage state with an external test platform or other application board and then detect the leakage parts with emission microscope. As the leakage current of the IC is not created by static bias voltage, so the leakage current shall be be observed with dynamic signal.
Case study
1K InGaAs detector
Easy to setup
(No need communication between tester and Meridian)
Different ways for DEMMI
- Pattern looping
- Enter a specific mode (standby, IDDQ…)
- Stop at a specific vector
Case study1:
HTOL fail at IDDQ (22uA)
DEMMI at IDDQ mode
Case study2:
Low yield, scan test fail
DEMMI at scan pattern looping

Dynamic Laser Scanning Analysis (DLAS)

Dynamic Laser Scanning Analysis (DALS) provides signals to drive the IC into a critical failure state with an external test platform or other application boards and offers laser light scanning with failure analysis equipment to detect the position of the critical failure. As the IC failure is in the critical mode (such as voltage, frequency and temperature) rather than the general common failure mode.
Dynamic Laser Scanning Analysis

Electronic measurement (E-beam) 

Electronic measurement (E-beam) is applied to inspect the defects of semiconductor devices and the major defective part is electrical defects, followed by physical defects.

Case study
Perform timing measurements in the critical path.
The time offset was found and the abnormality was confirmed by C-AFM.

Time-Resolved Emission(TRE)

Time-Resolved Emission (TRE for abbreviation) is applied to inspect the defects of semiconductor components. It is a common measurement to use non-invasive waveform that can detect the time waveform of the internal nodes from the back  of chip. The perfect TRE system enables to provide a high bandwidth and detect  dimension accuracy to display the waveform of all nodes inside the chip. Therefore,  TRE waveform is applied to detect incorrect signals


  1. When saturated, the high electric field in the pinch region accelerates most of the carriers
  2. High-energy carriers release some energy in the form of photons



Electro Optical Probing / Electro Optical Frequency Mapping or Laser Voltage Image+Probe, EOP/EOPM or LVX:As the IC occurs functional failure, and it is necessary to measure and analyze the signals of the IC with the electronic optic effect to detect the small signals and measure the waveform, time for IC problems detection and analysis.

LVX Case study
Equipment Capacity
Electric load
  • Includes laser scan system
  • Emission analysis with high-sensitivity near-infrared camera
  • IR-OBIRCH analysis
  • Dynamic analysis by laser irradiation
  • EO probing analysis
  • EO probing analysis
  • Connects to CAD Navigation
  • Connects to LSI tester
  • Standard best-in-class InGaAs-based emission detection or
  • High sensitivity extended-wavelength DBX-based emission detection
  • Patented, industry-proven "Point & Click" Solid Immersion Lens (SIL)
  • Inverted platform for easy ATE direct docking
  • Compatibility with most popular third-party EDA applications
  • >Optional laser scanning microscope (LSM) for static and dynamic analysis
  • Works easily with packaged parts and wafer/die backside samples
  • Optional 350x long working distance SIL
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